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Master the Art of Learning Music in 6 months

I help serious piano students reach serious goals 3x faster than traditional lessons with an approach utilizing psychology of learning, new advances in neuroscience, and 25+ years of experience learning not just piano but 11 other instruments.


6 months isn't enough time to become a master musician, but it's more than enough to transform your mindset, strategy, and develop impeccable practice habits that will lead you to mastery.


What if you were a master learner?

Imagine deeply understanding the art of learning music rather than just memorizing patterns.


Imagine knowing exactly which obstacles will pop up during various stages of learning and the appropriate strategy to solve each problem that arises in your playing. How would you transform as a musician?

Imagine being able to play any piece or style in the world. What would it be?

It's possible for us to start working on it by our third session!

Not just simplified, picture-based, or diluted versions of the music: I teach music in its full complexity, relating it to skills you've already mastered, like speaking and walking.

I'll be honest: it will take a full 6 months of this program to learn this one high level piece. But we're talking about the kind of music you won't even touch until after several years of traditional lessons, theory, and exercises!


Once this program ends, you'll be able to progress independently for months at a time, only needing mentorship a few times a year rather than continuing to pay for weekly lessons for years on end.

6-Month Intensive Piano Training with Gio "Bard Zero" Barabadze

My program is perfect for the serious adult student, young adults seeking to skyrocket their progress, and dedicated adolescents.

I teach piano music from each classical era, jazz and improvisation, various Latin styles, and contemporary and soundtrack music.

I've taught over 100 students in the past 20 years, including engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and even other professional musicians and music teachers.

Whether you're a total beginner or an experienced musician looking to breakthrough to the next level, I'll get you on the right track.

How does it work?

The Method

The cornerstones of my teaching method revolve around the psychology of learning, natural movement, and advances in neuroscience specifically relating to movement disciplines.

Psychology of learning includes freedom from frustration and specific mental techniques in facilitating better and faster learning.

Frustration and unhealthy attitude about mistakes is often the biggest impediment that aspiring musicians face when practicing. Reprogramming your mind to actually learn from mistakes rather than get discouraged is a big part of my approach.

Various mental techniques, such as Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery, the "ninja exercise", and proven memory aids that go beyond hard memorization all skyrocket learning.

Natural movement refers to playing music in a relaxed state, utilizing the entire body rather than just the hands, and being in harmony with laws of physics. You'll learn to use the same principles involved in walking and brushing your teeth to move your fingers across the keys.

My physical practice methodology focuses on effectively building accuracy, speed, and dynamic control with out-of-the-box exercises, while also playing expressively and making beautiful music.

Seeing music as a language is the best way to understand music theory. Rather than trying to memorize abstract concepts, my approach to theory will connect you with how our minds and emotions respond to music even before we study it. Your subconscious mind already understands music theory, otherwise music would have no effect on you.

Training Program with a Working Professional


Having played music for 25+ years, I studied Classical Piano at the Tbilisi State Conservatory and Jazz Piano at MSU Denver. I've performed at places like the Denver Performing Arts Complex, Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Dazzle Denver, and hundreds of other venues in Colorado and worldwide.


In the last 20 years, I taught over 100 students in a variety of settings, like 1-on-1, classrooms, camps, and masterclasses.

In addition to piano, I play flamenco and jazz guitar, as well as oboe, accordion, drums, mandolin, bass guitar, ukulele, flute, and more.


My approach to playing music is also informed by having studied the Alexander Technique, Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery, and restorative practices like yoga and meditation, which I believe greatly aid musicianship.

Time is Our Most Valuable Resource

Many people (perhaps even yourself) have spent upwards to thousands of dollars on weekly lessons for years on end, only to find that their progress is gruelingly slow or that they've hit a ceiling.


The literal and figurative cost of spending hours practicing using sub-par and outdated practice methods is too great.

Imagine being able to reach your musical goals and playing your dream pieces in a much sooner time frame than you thought possible. That is what I am offering you with this program.

My methods and approach aren't for everybody, and also the biggest factor in your progress is your own determination, hard work, and willingness to dedicate time to this program.


If you're the right fit, the results will be well worth it and give you a lifetime's worth of value.

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