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Songs of Life and Death

My debut album is out!

You can listen to my music on every major streaming platform. Here are a few:


About the Immersive Live Experience

The "Songs of Life and Death" breathtaking performance concept got its roots when Gio was hired to be the Wizard gatekeeper at the Room of Lost Things on the Santa Fe Arts District. His friends made the costume and it eventually became the pivotal part of Gio's trademark show.

The performance actually features Gio changing costumes between three different characters. 

These personas sing songs that do it all: uplift your spirit, break your heart, make you laugh and cry, and capture the most essential pieces of human struggles and triumphs. On an eclectically decorated stage (put together by the Room of Lost Things crew), Gio is joined by five other talented multi-instrumentalists, who go on the journey of switching instruments and styles throughout the evening, immersing the audience in the musical content of the work.

The 11/17/23 performance at the Denver Performing Arts Complex featured Kevin Mooney on saxophone, piano, ukulele, and mandolin, Anterra on harp, violin, and backup vocals, Justin Carter on the guitar, mandolin, and backup vocals, John Baldwin on upright bass and backup vocals, Elyjah Tribe on drums, glockenspiel, and percussion, and Gio Bard Zero on guitar, piano, accordion, and lead vocals.

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