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Gio will teach you guitar, piano, or singing! Whatever your goals are, we can work with them to create a personalized practice routine to get frustration out of making music and get you playing your favorite tunes!

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or someone who has been playing for a while and is looking to grow, don't hesitate to reach out!

Drop me a line at


Possible Lesson Topics

  • Basic and advanced chords on guitar

  • Smooth chord transitions

  • Scales and melodies

  • Playing faster and cleaner

  • Reading music and tablature

  • Music Theory

  • Improvising and soloing

  • Different Picking Techniques

  • Fingerstyle Techniques

  • Efficient Piano Technique

  • Chord Voicings

  • Classical, jazz, or pop repertoire

  • Rhythm and groove

  • Quality of sound

  • Stretching and relaxation techniques

About the Teacher

  • Vocal Warm-ups

  • Increasing range (high and low end)

  • Playing and singing at the same time

  • Songwriting

  • Performance advice

Gio has been playing music for over 25 years. He was classically trained on piano and oboe as a child and taught himself guitar as a teenager. He has played guitar in blues, rock, and flamenco bands and writes and sings his own songs as well. He still enjoys playing classical piano, as well as jazz. His aunt Ekaterine is an accomplished opera singer and pianist who taught Gio vocal technique. Gio has 10 years of experience teaching all ages. 

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