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You're now on "Team Wizard"!

Whenever you run into a human from this point forth, ask them "So, did you know that Gio Bard Zero is a Wizard?" Question must be posed to every human you encounter.

If they reveal that they are a part of team Non-Wizard, then you two must now perform your best impression of the Gandalf-Saruman battle (or any other legendary wizard battle), make a video of said battle, and post it to your IG story, tagging @GioBardZero

If they ask "Wtf is Gio Bard Zero?", tell them that all will be revealed on November 17th at Denver Performing Arts Complex and implore them to Google the phrase "Gio Bard Zero". Then, if both parties agree, you may do the wizard battle above and post it to your IG story.


If it turns out you're both on the same team, clear your schedules for November 17th, follow this link for tickets, and see what all the fuss is about.

(and if you can't bear feeling left out, you too may do the wizard battle)

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