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Classical and jazz pianist, folk singer-songwriter, and guitarist fluent in genres ranging from pop to flamenco, Gio's shows can hone in on a specific niche or take the listener on a cohesive sonic journey.

Gio is multi-instrumental and plays piano, guitar, accordion, oboe, harmonica, bass guitar, ukulele, hand drums, and various folk instruments, like wooden flutes or the panduri. Born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state), Gio attended the children's program at the local conservatory, where he studied classical piano and oboe. He moved to the US at the age of 13, where he picked up the guitar, a few other instruments, and began singing - and later continued his musical education with jazz studies. As an adult, Gio played with various bands and has performed as a solo musician as well. Currently, Gio writes and performs folk songs, plays instrumental sets consisting of classical and jazz music, and is a member of the band "Paradiso".


For info about guitar or piano lessons with Gio, see the lessons page.

For booking, you may contact or use the contact form. EPK and references available upon inquiry. If a booking inquiry is for an audience primarily consisting of people ages 65+, booking must be done through the Affix Group: Gio currently works with them to provide entertainment for senior living communities.

Click here to refer to Affix's website.



Album "Songs of Life and Death" is on the way. It features songs dealing with romance, philosophy, friendship, and death. Majority of these started out as simple folk tunes and later evolved into more elaborate arrangements. Join the mailing list to stay informed of the progress!

Below you can find samples from various aspects of Gio's work

From the Album

"Your Heart"

"Death (Rusty Accordion)"

Jazz Piano

Loop Pedal Grooves

Jazz Guitar

Beatbox and Guitar

Classical Piano

Musical Storytelling

More videos are available on Facebook and YouTube.



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