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Classical and jazz pianist, singer-songwriter, and guitarist fluent in genres ranging from flamenco to blues, Gio has played at venues like the Denver Performing Arts Complex, Dazzle, and Newman Center for the Performing Arts, and continues to wow audiences across Colorado.

Born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state), Gio studied classical piano and oboe through the Tbilisi State Conservatory. The rippling socioeconomic effect of the Soviet Union's collapse, as well as continued occupation of his country by Russia, eventually led Gio's family to relocate to the US. After changing continents, he picked up the guitar, a few other instruments, studied jazz, and began writing and singing eclectic songs.


In addition to performing as a singer-songwriter, Gio continues pushing boundaries of instrumental music, regularly playing private and public concerts that consist of sublime classical pieces, tasteful arrangements of jazz tunes, and energetic flamenco numbers.

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Promo Video
Showcasing my work as Classical/Jazz pianist,
Flamenco guitarist,  and  singer-songwriter


"Songs of Life and Death" is out now on all platforms! The album has a live show component which is a musical performance art piece, featuring a 6-piece band, that we performed at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, featuring myself performing the songs in costumes as the Wizard, the Bard, and the Addict to immerse the audience in the thematic content of the album. Stay tuned for future iterations!



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